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Morocco—and an ode to men in djellabas.

August 10, 2010

Oh, my memories of Morocco…

It’s strange, the things you remember sometimes…

Sometimes I see things that take me right back to Morocco. Some things always bring it right back into my mind. Things that look inevitably Moroccan. Things like men in djellabas.

The way they look as they walk by, or as they sip sweet mint tea as the day goes down.

Or things like the work of Thomas Cristofoletti.

I found it. I clicked over, and clicked some more. I lost myself.

I lost myself in pictures of men in djellabas. Pictures of Morocco, of its women and children. Pictures of Meknes, of Fez, of Marrakesh, of Merzouga. Of the Sahara, of camels, of the touareg.

All beautiful pictures. Breathtaking and stunning. Some took me back to the places I’ve been to, the things I’ve seen. Others made me want to go to those places I’ve not been too, see those things I’ve never seen.

And that’s exactly what good pictures are supposed to do. To inspire you… or to make you feel nostalgic. To make you wish you were there. There.

In Morocco.


To learn about Thomas Cristofoletti, and to see more of his work, visit his website, his Flickr, or Behance.
Also, make sure to take a look at Cristofoletti’s collections of Bolivia, Peru and Dublin. Just amazing! They also make me want to go there.

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