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Essaouira—and an ode to its blue doors.

July 7, 2010

Essaouira features many of my favorite things: immaculate beaches; bright, glamorous scarves; impossibly fresh seafood; astounding views; splendid kaab el ghzal (at the corner of Rue Allan Ben Abdellah and Rue El Hajjali)… and blue doors.

(HEADS UP: Watch for the lovely, delicate zellij above some of the doors)

Oh the blue doors of Essaouira!

When you visit Essaouira, its blue doors inevitable stay with you. They make you remember Essaouira as a magic city, a place of great aesthetical value and fantastic dimensions. Quiet and friendly, a place with a strong feeling of its past. An impressive collection of sights.

But the blue doors always stay with you. Its blue doors. Sapphirine. Vibrant. Organic. Deep.

A real pleasure to see. They are an obvious element of the sum that makes Essaouira so enticing, and they undeniably contribute to its retro appearance and feel.

Contrasted by the brilliant whiteness of its lime-washed walls, the blue doors of Essaouira will always give you the impression that the houses they protect contain great treasures. They create secrets. In Essaouira, many things are a mystery, and they hide behind these quaint, picturesque doors.

Wandering the weather-worn streets of the Medina, the bright Moroccan sun shines on the cracked white walls and the blue doors. The combination gives the Medina a particularly contrasting look: shabby, dilapidated, chic.

To catch a glimpse of these doors, start at Rue de la Sqala, Darb Laalouj, Rue Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah, or Avenue de l’Istiqlal and just wander into the winding alleys that slide off these main roads. You can take your time and absorb the beauty and the colors of these doors. Essaouira’s always quiet and mysterious.

You will have a blast, and they will make you want to go back. Always.

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