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Life—and an ode to wrinkles.

May 26, 2010

How do you call it?

The way time shows in your face. The way the years take your skin as a canvas, and create. Create lines, as if Pollock…

How do you call it?

Most people call it wrinkles.


But I don’t like that name. I find it unfair.

 Because really, aren’t wrinkles a beautiful thing? A breathtaking thing?

As if Pollock…

 Like a story written on your skin. Like the very lines of life painted on your face… To show the world what you’ve been through.

Wrinkles are indeed beautiful!

You just need to find the right light under which to look at them…

On a bright morning a couple of days ago, looking at myself in the mirror, I noticed tiny little wrinkles appearing under my eyes. There they were! Tiny little wrinkles under my eyes, and I thought “Here we go…”

And then… Then I realized my wrinkles don’t have to be drag. They don’t have to be a sign of expiration. They don’t have to be lament. And I don’t have to spend my time trying to erase those lines I’ve earned in my life. The lines time itself has given me.

Did you know you earn your wrinkles?

When you make your life matter. When you make every day count. When you worry about giving your walk a meaning… You earn your wrinkles.

So I decided, instead, my wrinkles will be signs that, while I’m not getting any younger, I am in fact becoming much wiser. They will be signs, like memories, of the times I laughed; the times I frowned when I had the chance to face the sun on bright days; the times I worried and then found the strength to overcome the hurdles.

They will be signs that I’ve been strong. They will be signs of what I’ve experienced. Signs that I’ve lived…  Signs that at least I indeed tried to lead a full and sparkling life.

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want an empty life. I don’t want a life with no wrinkles.

And I will not call them wrinkles. No… I will call them lines of spirit, of vivacity, of laughter. Of life.

And time.

So, you tell me, what will your lines be? What will they represent? How will you call them?

What will they remind of?


Of course, all the astonishing portraits in this post are very much Moroccan. Nour El-Ghoumari is a photographer from Taza. His images are considered by many critics to rank among the finest photography today. The images here come from a collection of portraits he took in Morocco and Egypt. To see more of his work, click over to his website.

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